Hello! I’m a Brooklyn-based licensed social worker who is passionate about supporting others in healing and growth through integrative psychotherapy and mind-body work. I offer trauma-informed psychotherapy to children, adolescents and adults with a strong emphasis on an integrative approach towards wellbeing. 

As a children’s yoga and mindfulness teacher, I work to help young people use their bodies and minds as tools to navigate their own experience of the world with curiosity and compassion. Having always honored a holistic lens towards wellbeing, I am deeply passionate about supporting children in establishing a positive connection to their bodies and feeling empowered by their minds.

I offer education-based and skill-building professional development workshops to helping professionals, including educators and mental health practitioners. Additionally, I provide coaching to caregivers who are interested in bringing mindfulness to their parenting practices. I have developed and implemented mindfulness-based programs and curriculum for NYC-based schools. 


  • Master's in Clinical Social Work (MSW), New York University

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology and Child Development and Family Studies, University of Vermont

Training and Certifications:



"I'm so excited that Hannah has launched these workshops! Bringing yoga + mindfulness classes to children – yes please! She is always one of the most sought out and valued instructors at Curious Jane – she is fabulous! With enthusiasm, I recommend any endeavor she undertakes."

-Samantha, founder of Curious Jane

"Hannah’s professional development workshop on incorporating yoga and mindfulness into trauma-focused psychotherapy with children and adolescents was a huge success.  The clinicians were enlightened and inspired.   Her presentation was an engaging opportunity for the clinicians to enhance and expand their understanding of the increasingly important role yoga and especially mindfulness play in mental health care."

-JoAnn Rypl, former Chief of Service at the Northside Center for Child Development

"My first sit down with Hannah was to debrief my son's experience in her mindfulness-based social skills class. After speaking with her for a few minutes, I wanted some of her wisdom, tools and empathy for myself! So my husband and I enrolled in her four-week Mindful Parenting class. 

This experience was perfect for my family and the busy city life we live. The course is structured beautifully and Hannah's teaching style is deeply supportive. Hannah models the calm, embodied, compassionate presence we came to the classes to cultivate in ourselves.

We came away from the classes with an individualized set of tools, practices and insights that we use every day in our parenting. Thank you, Hannah - you're a gifted practitioner! I only wish all parents everywhere had access to you!"

-Meg, participant in the Mindful Parent Coaching Program



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