Parent Coaching + Support

Hannah works with parents to provide a balance of support and encouragement, while bringing awareness of accessible tools that can be used to improve child outcomes and strengthen the entire family system. With compassion and authenticity, she honors the uniqueness of different family structures and as well as individual parenting goals. 

She has extensive experience administering support groups for parents as well as directing workshops focused on a range of parenting topics, including mindful parenting practices. 

Mindful Parent Coaching
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Mindful Parent Coaching: 4-Week Program

Hannah supports parents in incorporating simple mindfulness practices into their everyday life so that they are better able to meet their parenting goals. 

Mindful Parent Coaching empowers and supports caregivers to: 

  • Develop an accessible mindfulness and self-care practice 
  • Connect with their children and other family members
  • Tap into tools that allow them to stay grounded and calm down in the moment
  • Practice self-compassion, because parenting is one of the hardest jobs there is! 

Hannah meets with caregivers either at her office or in the comfort of their own home for weekly, one-on-one coaching sessions. Skype is also available to accommodate long-distance families. Sessions are scheduled to best meet each client's scheduling needs. 

This program supports caregivers in developing a foundation of skills crucial to successfully bringing mindfulness practices to their home.

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