Education + Professional Development

I offer consultation services to healthcare professionals and educators who are interested in expanding their knowledge of the effectiveness mindfulness in trauma healing, resilience, and self-regulation of stress, emotions, and behavior.

I support these settings in understanding how to better integrate mindfulness practices into their programs in order to best serve the populations they work with. Through dynamic skill-building and education-based workshops, I work to support helping professionals on a personal and professional level. 

Examples of past professional development workshops:

  • Trauma-Informed Teaching and Self-Care for Educators

  • Mindful Teaching: Improving Wellbeing and Reducing Stress for Teachers and Students

  • Integrating Trauma-Informed Mindfulness and Yoga into Clinical Work with Youth

  • Mindfulness and Teaching: Integrating Mindfulness into the Classroom

Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation.
— Audre Lorde