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Back to School Yoga + Mindfulness Program for Children

Incorporating important tools for stress-management and anxiety, this inclusive and empowering 4-week program focuses on developing focus and relaxation skills while strengthening self-esteem in order to set the stage for a successful school year. Students will learn breathing, meditation and movement-based activities that can be used throughout the school day to stay focused, calm, and confident.

Classes will focus on the following topics:

  • Week 1: Exploring mindfulness and self-compassion

  • Week 2: Relaxation and grounding

  • Week 3: Finding balance and focus

  • Week 4: Improving self-esteem and managing anxiety

This program is offered to students in grades 4-6.
Classes take place on Thursday’s from 4:00-5:00 PM.
Dates: 10/3, 10/10, 10/17, & 10/24