Looking Through an Integrative Lens


I have always felt passionate about employing a holistic lens towards health and wellbeing, recognizing that an individual exists within a large and complex system. We are each uniquely shaped by a dynamic array of cultural, physiological, social and psychological components.

My distinct, integrative approach towards supporting others in healing and growth is informed by a few core beliefs and notions, that I've outlined below. 


There's a crucial connection between the mind and body. It benefits us to nurture this connection, and collectively support both entities. The practice of stillness, for example, serves as an assessable and powerful tool. Stillness allows us to find space: space to be kind, space to learn, and space to grow.



The lunar phases offer us a reminder of the cyclic nature of the journey, and the re-occurring opportunities for healing and growth: moments for new beginnings, for hopes and wishes, for challenges, for action and adjustment, for gratitude and grounding, for letting go, and for rest. Each phase serves a purpose, and is related to another. Rather than mastery, it's the process that serves as most meaningful.


Connection- to others, to self and to space- is a valuable healing agent. By heightening our own sense of internal connection, we are better able to connect to our environment and community. Connection yields grounding and centering, while strengthening one's sense of purpose. 


I'm always in awe of people's capacity for resiliency in the face of adversity. It's become clear, both personally and professionally, that only through the darkness are we able to see the light. We bloom from those moments that are most challenging.