Reflections // Intentions


Happy New Year!

Although we can always benefit from some thoughtful self-reflection and intention-setting, the end of one year and the beginning of another is a particularly powerful time to offer gratitude for the experiences that have allowed us to grow, while simultaneously recognizing where there is room to keep growing.

This can be done in a variety of ways, may it be through art, journaling, talking it out or taking time for a meditation practice. If a meditation practice is something you would like to try, below is a script to help guide you. 

New Year Meditation Script: 

Find a comfortable seat, and close your eyes. Take a moment to scan your body. Start with your toes, moving slowly up the body, all the way to the crest of your head. Bring your attention to your breath. Notice what it feels like to sit here, in this moment. 

Bring to mind any experiences brought to you this last year that allowed you to grow. Take a moment to feel gratitude for these experiences. Bring to mind anything you believe you've accomplished this year. Take a moment to feel proud of these accomplishments. 

Now allow yourself to reflect on where there's still room for growth within yourself. Is there something you would like to see change or evolve in this next year? Bring to mind whatever it is you would like to work on. Imagine seeing the words spelling out whatever it is you would like to work on in front of you, within arms reach. 

Now imagine it is one year from today. Project yourself into this future moment. Imagine yourself sitting here, in this space, having new experiences and new accomplishments. Imagine offering gratitude for the experiences you encounter in this upcoming year, and feeling pride for accomplishing what it is you are setting out to work on. 

Bring your attention back to your breath. Again, notice what it feels like to sit here in this moment, with gratitude for the experiences that brought you to this moment, and hope for the experiences that are to come. When you are ready, open your eyes.